TOTS by The Koi Pond

Here you have the crazy brain child of a group of guys with a sick beat about tots, a couple of Ad kids with a ketchup slathered vision, and a film crew with a free weekend and access to industry standard equipment. 

Since this site is the Mason Douglass show, my part as Executive Producer consisted of myself concepting the idea for the video with my partner Katie McElearney. I then proceeded to lead the script writing process, which included Katie and our director Ryan Hance. During the shoot, I worked heavily with the crew and Ryan to make sure our vision came to fruition just how we imagined. It very much did. 

Enjoy and I hope your mind oven is blown.

Writers: Joe Kennedy, Ty Colter, Todd Eberhart, Riley Knight 

Composers: Joe Kennedy, Nick Booth

Director: Ryan Hance

Executive Producers: Mason Douglass, Katie McElearney

Producer: Hannah Gilbertson

Production Designer: Abby Riegel